Month Intensive Training for New Hires to Become Sales Super Star

Session 2  at Work - The 6 Must Do Steps to Becoming a Sales SuperStar

Session 3 at Work - What is Procurement?

Session 4 at work - Transforming Getters Into Strategic Buyers

Session 5 at work - Role Play How to Get Leads on the Phone
(Watch first 4 minutes of Doing Lead/Market Research)

Session 6 at work - 7 Mistakes Made by New Sales Pros - How to Avoid Them?

Session 7 at work - Selling on Value NOT price

Day 8 - Listening to Own Pitch
Analysing Own Recordings - Feedback from Each member of the team
(everyone must have selected 1 or 2 pitches that he recorded for appraisal from the team)

Session 9 - Why Should Clients Do Business with Us?
 Watch the video on Price vs Value  from Minute 8 to Minute 15 (7 Minutes Only) Then Role Play

Session 10 - The Right Mindset for Becoming a Sales Super Star

Session 11. Never Take No For An Answer - How to Handle the Most 4 Common Objections.
After the Video have a role play for the objection 1 and 2 ie Brush Offs & Stallers\

Session 12. Never Take No For An Answer How to Handle Price & Relevancy/Don't Need This
After the Video have a role play on managing price objections and relevancy

Session 13. WHO - Mastering the Lead Research Process
homework - identify 3 companies and get at least 10 leads for each company combining all that was learned.

Session  WHO - Mastering Lead Research Process Part 2
Everyone shares how they identified and found the 3 companies and 10 leads for each given for homework.

Session 15 - The Question You Must Ask In Every Pitch