Sales Conversion Managing Call for Reports-Videos-Seminar Downloads

First, watch this 29 minutes video that shows how you can get prospects to sell & close themselves.

After watching print this page and follow the sample questions provided.

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These are the PRIMARY rules that you must understand before you pick up the phone and make that call.

FIRST: Look at WHO is downloading:

1. Directly relevant
eg a contracts Manager or Contracts Administrator downloads reports or trainings related to contracts. This is HOT lead.

2. Not Directly relevant
eg a Finance person downloads a Contracts report/training. This may or may Not be hot lead. You've got to find out.

3. Low level staff
This includes clerks or foreigners working in Middle East for whom the company will not spend on training. In this case it’s very straightforward, go straight for pitching the company and the boss, rather than wasting time speaking to the low level staff.

However you want to find out why they downloaded the information. Sometimes it may be that the boss is looking for something or that the company has problem. If that’s the case find out what’s the problem since you can use that when pitching the boss.

SECOND: Look at WHAT they downloaded

1. Downloaded only 1 brochure

2. Downloaded more than 1 brochure

3. Downloaded 1 report/video.

4. Downloaded more than 1 report but all within same subject matter eg Contracts (Contract Management Guide, Contract Process Do's & Don'ts, Economic Price Adjustments Clauses, Negotiations).

5. Downloaded more than 1 report/video all mixed up

For a list of the reports and videos that we offer go to:

As a general rule, the more they have downloaded the more likely are they to book. It seems they want to know lots of things, so there's no better place than starting with attending a 2 days training.

You must understand that these are either WARM or HOT leads. They contacted us we did not contact them. So the purpose of the call is to simply see how we can help them.

Purpose of the call?

In all calls - find out what made them download the report/brochure/video? 
How do you find out? Simple, JUST ASK.

What do you ask?

First ask them:

How did you find out about us/our report/video/training?

There are only 3 possible answers:

One, they were searching on google for something, and our site either popped up in ‘organic listing’ or our ad was shown. These are the HOT leads because they are LOOKING FOR INFORMATION, they probably have a PAIN or would like to learn something they don’t know.

Second, they clicked on our ad while browsing thru their emails (gmail) or visiting other  websites. In such cases these people were not looking for the specific report/video/training, but they noticed our ad and then clicked on it and then entered their details to download the information. These are WARM leads, who have an interest on the information we provided.

Third, they got the information from a colleague/friend ie referral. These are WARM leads also, as they already have been recommended.

Questions to Ask:
What made you download this specific report/video/training?
What were you actually looking for?
What's most important to you right now?

Why is this, the purpose of the call?

To find out their PAIN and see how far that matches with any of the trainings we are selling.

Once you find out, then hit hard to convince him to attend. It will be to his benefit, otherwise his PAIN will not go away. We offer the videos and reports to provide excellent information, but it is impossible to impart the knowledge of 2 days trainings in 10 pages report or 10 minutes video.

The WINNING FORMULA to ask the right questions & get them to sell themselves to attend training! First, get them to avoid thinking about money and focus on solutions:

Whether they revealed or not the problem they have, use the following questions to find their Buying Motive (BM).
Option 1 if they have not revealed the problem.

If you had $10,000 and you could spend it only in solving 2 problems in contracts/tenders, what would be the problems you would spend it on?

Once they reveal the problem, ask further option 2. If they still don’t reveal the problem go back to the default question by stating that we have found our clients have these problems, so are these same for you or any others as well?

Option 2

If you have $10,000 and you could spend it only in a training that would help you to master … workshop title … so that to avoid … problems …., what kind of training would you chose and why/what should the training have and why?

For example you could say:

If you have $10,000 and you could spend it only in one training what would help you Master Contract Administration so that you can successfully avoid contract delays and manage claims, what kind of training would you chose and why?



First Part of the question – “If you have $10,000”

By asking “If you have 10,000” we are avoiding one of the main objections ie money/budget.  In a way we are giving them the money first, so that we can take away the fear and objection of money. We are taking away the limitation of cost.

Why $10,000?

If it is in Malaysia RM 10,000 is for 2 participants. So when you go back to confirm them stick to the $10,000 and ask for 2 people (since we charge RM 4,995 per person). If Middle East again stick to $10,000 and ask for 3 people (cost for one is USD 2,995 so even 3 people is less than USD 10,000).

Second Part of the question – “you could spend it only in one training, training title and problems to solve”.
First we gave them the money, now we are qualifying how they are going to spend it ie only on training. This is useful because it helps them to focus on one thing only.

The last Part of the question – “What training would you chose and why?”

They could say anything, but they would let you know what the training must have so that they would attend. If you get a bland answer/non-satisfactory, then take it further.

I’m sorry maybe I was not clear, let me rephrase it. If you have $10,000 and you could spend it only in one training that would help you Master Contract Administration, what are three things that the training must have to make it perfect for you and your organization?

Whatever comes out from this, will help you to position your training.

They may say:

- Excellent/experienced instructor
- Assurance that the training is worth their time and money
- It must be something they can use later on and give results/not academic in nature.
- Handle most problems in Contract Administration

If they can’t give an answer help them to come with the answer e.g.

Based on my conversations with other clients their top 2 things that a training must have are:

- Experienced/practical instructor
- Assurance that the training is worth their time and money

Is that you also agree or any other thing as well?


If they say yes, you know what to do. Mention about the credentials of instructor/trainer and that the training is worth their time and money mention both 100% and 200% guarantee.

Once you mention that ask the final 2 questions that will make them close themselves:

How would your daily work life be, if you had to deal with …(problems)  every day?



Please tell me what would be 2 or 3 ways your work life and personal life would change if you did not have to deal with …. Problems?

Finally ask:

Can you see then why we have 19 people on board for this and many companies like SOCSO,  are sending 3 to 4 people to attend?

Most probably they are going to say yes, then just go for the close:

In that case, is this something that you would attend yourself or there would be other people as well?