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This section deals with problems that the target market faces ie contracts managers and how our training provides solutions to those problems.

Problem 1

What is the whole contract process? Where does it start and where does it end?

Solution to Problem 1

That's exactly why we came up with this training, because this is the main problems most Contract managers & Administrators face. The training provides a comprehensive approach to ensure that you know how to start the contract administration process and how to close it successfuly.

We start by outlining the main objective of  Contracts which is:

A fair & reasonable price for a high quality & on-time Scope of Work

Then you will learn how to start & maintain a Contract File plus how to conduct a post Award Conference with suppliers immediately after the contract is awarded.

Based on our experience we also found that most problems in contracts are cause by not having a good SOW (statement of work) and that's why you will learn how to create clear and easy to understand SOW.

Once all this is done, then you would need to know how to measure & Monitor contract performance. Here you learn the 4 essential things you need to do when  monitoring contracts and the top method that will provide you an effective monitoring.

Finally we focus on inspection & acceptance of the contract where you will learn the 5 W's. At the end you will get a checklist for the Cotract Closure.

So from what I just mentioned, I believe that this would be something that you would be keen to attend, right!?

Problem 2

How to Complete the Contract on Time?

Solution to Problem 2

Yes, that's one of common problems in project & contracts. That's why we are covering extensively this part where we deal with Maintaining Schedules. When you attend you will learn techniques to use to expedite contract completion. Plus we help you learn how to deal with changes, since changes are one of the most common reasons that cause delay.

Apart from this we found that other problems faced are ... and we cover them thoroughly as well. Based on all this, does this sound as something that either you or other people from your company will be attending?

Problem 3

How to avoid unreasonable claims from Contractors?

Solution to Problem 3

Yes, that's one common problem faced. Sometimes contractors put claims that you are not sure that are fully justified. That's why we are covering on this Claims & Disputes.




1. Is this Contract Administration training from the Developer/Clients or Contractor/Supplier side?

The whole course is based on world class practices on contract administration that a company must implement as soon as the contract is awarded. This is usually done by the Client/Customer, but nowadays both parties work together to ensure successful contract fulfillment. .......


2. Is this Contract Administration course within CBD guidelines (construction industry)


3. I want something on Contract Management, not Contract Administration?

Option 1 as an Answer

Try to understand what the prospect means. For this simply ask:

What do you mean by Contract Management? How's that different from Contract Administration?

Most of the time the prospect would not be able to answer the difference. Then simply say:

What we have found is that contract administration is the major part of contract management and it would cover most parts of contract management. For example we cover the problems that are commonly faced in contracts, like how to avoid and deal contract delays & changes, claims and contract negotiations. If you don't mind me asking, apart from these what are 1 or 2 top challenges you face in contract execution?


Option 2 as an Answer.

If we are conducting contract administration and tender management back to back, then you can say:

If I understand you right, you would like the full process of contract administration which includes 2 parts:

Pre-Award &

Post Award

By Pre Award I mean the activities before the contract is awarded egspecifications, RFQ's etc. Post Award is the activities we do after the contract is awarded. Is that what you mean?

IF no, ask them what they mean.

IF YES, then say:

Well, we actually are providing this. You see for the PRe-Award we are having a special 2 days session on Tender management which deals with all activites that happen before a contract/tender is awarded. And then contract Administration, deals with Post Award Activities to ensure contract gets completed on time and within budget. Since these 2 courses cover the full contract management process, would you like to register for both?




After doing the qualifying start with:


What we do is to help Contract managers & Administrators to achieve the main objective of a contract, which is:

A fair & reasonable price for a high quality & on-time Scope of Work

I trust you'd agree with this, right!?

If NO, ask:

What makes you say that? or Oh, first time I hear this, based on your experience then what is the objective of a contract?

(if Yes - most likely)

Great, Based on this objective we teach contract managers & Administrators how you can successfuly manage your contracts from beginning to end thru our 2 days course titled:

Contract Administration: From Award to Completion, happening ...dates & venue.

with worldwide Procurement Contracts Expert, Robi Bendorf.

So very simply I'm calling to see if this is something that you and your team would be keen to attend. If you don't mind me asking, based on your experience, what are 1 or 2 major challenges faced in Contract Administration?


I'm calling today because we help Contract managers & Administrators to solve their contract problems. We found that majority of Contract managers & administrators main problems relate to contract delays, contract changes, claims and negotiations. Based on this we got the world class expert on Procurement & Contracts, Robi Bendorf to come down in Kuala Lumpur to conduct a special and focused 2 day training on Contract Administration in March 2012. Very simply I believe you & your team would find this beneficial, just like many other organizations who are attending/have attended like SOCSO, Pharmaniaga,

If you don't mind me asking, apart from the problems I mentioned like contract delays, changes and negotiations, what are any challenges that you face in executing contracts?